About us

Crevoice AB is working to develop innovative products adapted to human needs. Company Founded in 1989 by Torbjörn Pettersson and is located in scenic Västervik. Its principal product is voice Crevoice vest, a portable and flexible system for voice enhancement that is used by hundreds of guides, riding schools and other parts of Sweden and the World.

Crevoice give you support – at all times
The situations where Crevoice can take you from a decent performance for a brilliant, many. The areas where Crevoice used today include, among other things, auctioneers, plant facilities, schools, sports training of any kind, mines, tours, tour operators and so on. For each category you can surely find another ten, tips and new ideas emerge all the time.

The right technology for the task
Crevoice reinforce smart which makes her voice amplified over than ambient noise. You heard clearly on the distance but that those who are close to find it annoying loud. The system is easy to wear and battery life sufficient to cover an entire workday without recharging. The depth of detail is good quality and are in daily use inside and out for many years.

Crevoice – for your needs
Crevoice found in a number of designs in addition to the basic model and we are usually able to resolve most requests the specialized design. It can be anything from having your vest in a special color to the opportunity to connect additional microphones or more speakers. Does not fit any of the variants we have we can help you to take up the you or your organization needs.