Terms of sale

Orders can be made either through our online shop or by email at info@crevoice.se or by phone +46(0)70-69 88 006. A confirmation of the order is sent to the email address entered Would you not get any confirmation so you need to hear from you. To place an order, you must be 18 years or alternatively have their parents approval. Have you placed an order by mistake you must contact us immediately.

Payment Terms
Payment of goods made by COD / Alternatively, the invoice, payment terms 20 days For delivery by mail client resolves the package at the post office or directly from the carrier.

– Payment by credit card. You can choose to pay online with your Visa or MasterCard / Eurocard. You will receive a notice in the mail that you redeem your package from the un-indicated place for the post office. There will be no charge if you pay with your credit card. You can only order against your registered address if you choose to pay with your credit card. We reserve the right to verify that the address you are ordered to your registered address, if it is not right, we reserve the right to cancel your purchase. When implementing the purchase of the site reserved the purchase price on your card / bank account. In the event that your card is linked to a bank account can appear on different statements depending on how your bank is chosen to present the reservation.

All prices are including Swedish VAT is currently 25% VAT registered businesses in Europe do not pay VAT In Norway, special customs rules (import duty) Delivery Normal delivery time is 1-5 days depending on where you live in the country To the rest of Europe usually 3-8 days, some deviations may occur

All products are shipped from our warehouse. This is done through the Postal Service or Parcel Post, Parcel Post, download the self in the post office or postal partners during normal business hours. Note that the COD package must be redeemed.

Shipping Costs
We have different shipping costs, which are all based on the Post’s charges and is due to the weight and size.

Open Purchase
We always have 14 day return / money back guarantee! Products must be returned in their original packaging and must not be damaged. A receipt or copy of invoice must always be enclosed. Customer pays return shipping always. Returns that are sent to the following requirements / COD is dissolved out yet. In order to purchase goods to be lifted must be received within these 14 days.

Unclaimed packages
Unclaimed packages will be charged with 400 -. The cost is invoiced in arrears. Is not paying on time as always forwarded to debt collection requirements, no exceptions!

We have, unless otherwise specified 12 month warranty against defects in materials or workmanship of our products. For the guarantee to apply to the products must be handled in the normal manner and not subjected to stresses beyond the ordinary. At the negligence or improper handling so no guarantees. Nor does it apply when lightning or other weather effects. Invoice / Receipt to be paid for that warranty card. For warranty and other service matters, the customer pays the freight to always service and we garage or service pay for the freight to the customer.

We reserve the errors in the price list and content of the website. Nordic Customers We supply customers throughout Europe. However, special rules apply for deliveries to other countries than Sweden.

An extra customs fee of 250SEK will be applied for all orders to Norway.